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Note from Customer, April 2, 2020

Dear bepreparedsolarinc,

Hello Hope you are staying healthy,just wanted to take a minute to say thank you,the unit seems to work very well so far,instructions you provided were extremely helpful as well,you did great work,Thanks again!


Michael A

Great Solar Power System

Hello Folks,

Usually I write to complain about this or that. I am so very, very happy to write and say your Solar System has been amazing! I have my panels mounted a top my 1990 Chevy G20 Sport Van with the battery box, inverter, and cooling fans installed inside. Yoursystem has gotten me through hurricanes, power lines down, travel, and building two houses for running my power tool and compressor. It has worked flawlessly for over 3 years. Note: 1 charge controller failed and replaced no proble.

My inverter produces enough power to keep my home refrigerator, lights, fans, TV’s and electronics working. I naturally can’t power my central AC but I can run a small 5000 BTU AC in the rear window of the Van for sleeping at night. As hurricane season approaches again I just got the Zombie Apocalypse Van road ready and washed the pollen off the panels again (Simple Green) putting a full 14.2 volts to the batteries. The Van also has a mini frig for my Veteran buddies who need to keep their meds refrigerated as we move about.

So, from a Vietnam Veteran who is aging and usually, as my wife says, pretty grumpy…

Thank you for a great system.



Unknowns With Max Satisfaction

Last December I had a deep problem with my solar unit. This unit was purchased from Be Prepared Solar prior to the present owners. This is mentioned as I was a totally unknown person for the present business to deal with. I received the utmost of satisfaction from follow-up on emails to actual telephone conversations concerning my problems. I was totally satisfied through all contacts and especially with the personal technical advice. Follow-up administrative business and personal procedures are unquestionable, qualities almost nonexistent with the common treatment experienced these days!!

Robert Brown

solar powered generator helped us through Hurricane Michael

A few months ago, I purchased an emergency solar powered generator from Be Prepared Solar mainly for use in case of a short term, occasional power outage. When Hurricane Michael Cat 4-5 came through Panama City FL on October 10, I realized what a smart choice I had made. We had no power for over 2 weeks, and after riding out the storm in our house, we were able to keep a large refrigerator and upright freezer going along with an occasional use of a fan and having to keep the septic tank sump pump running. The 2 solar panels survived over 150 mph winds, with wind speeds of over 220 mph recorded at TAFB and the Blountstown, FL airport. With the solar generator and a 2000 W inverter generator, we were able to last 2 weeks using only about 15 gals of gas, during a time when no gas was available locally.
With the use of our solar generator, we were able to stay in our home and start repairs immediately and prevent further damage. BePreparedSolar even sent me a heavy duty battery charger at no cost to help speed up the battery charging when running the gas generator. This is a great company that has truly provided wonderful service!

Donald R Taylor

I purchased a solar generator.

I saved a lot of money by making the choice to NOT hook up to the power pole on my property. ($6,000)
I also save every month and live a lifestyle with more freedom because I don’t have a utility bill every month.
Having a great solar power system from Be Prepared Solar helps me live my dream and keeps my money in the bank instead of handing it to the power company. I truly love my SOLGEN 25M and that it helps the environment. I have been using my solar power generator for two and half years and live completely off grid with it in my small cabin.
I have a gas generator but, it costs a lot in gas to run it all the time and I can’t hear the sound of the creek or the wildlife around me.
I can’t say enough about this company, the people, and their products.
Best investment I have made to date was purchasing the portable solar power generator.

Dawn Lafferty

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