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I purchased a solar generator.

I saved a lot of money by making the choice to NOT hook up to the power pole on my property. ($6,000)
I also save every month and live a lifestyle with more freedom because I don’t have a utility bill every month.
Having a great solar power system from Be Prepared Solar helps me live my dream and keeps my money in the bank instead of handing it to the power company. I truly love my SOLGEN 25M and that it helps the environment. I have been using my solar power generator for two and half years and live completely off grid with it in my small cabin.
I have a gas generator but, it costs a lot in gas to run it all the time and I can’t hear the sound of the creek or the wildlife around me.
I can’t say enough about this company, the people, and their products.
Best investment I have made to date was purchasing the portable solar power generator.

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