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Great Solar Power System

Hello Folks,

Usually I write to complain about this or that. I am so very, very happy to write and say your Solar System has been amazing! I have my panels mounted a top my 1990 Chevy G20 Sport Van with the battery box, inverter, and cooling fans installed inside. Yoursystem has gotten me through hurricanes, power lines down, travel, and building two houses for running my power tool and compressor. It has worked flawlessly for over 3 years. Note: 1 charge controller failed and replaced no proble.

My inverter produces enough power to keep my home refrigerator, lights, fans, TV’s and electronics working. I naturally can’t power my central AC but I can run a small 5000 BTU AC in the rear window of the Van for sleeping at night. As hurricane season approaches¬†again I just got the Zombie Apocalypse Van road ready and washed the pollen off the panels again (Simple Green) putting a full 14.2 volts to the batteries. The Van also has a mini frig for my Veteran buddies who need to keep their meds refrigerated as we¬†move about.

So, from a Vietnam Veteran who is aging and usually, as my wife says, pretty grumpy…

Thank you for a great system.


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